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Nebraska Aging Grants and Grants for Senior Citizens: 

Aging grants and grants for senior citizens are for nonprofits,for-profits and small businesses that provide a variety of services for the aging and senior citizen populations, such as: geriatric care, immediate human needs, community improvement initiatives, academic enrichment, arts and health needs.   25 Aging/Seniors Grants for Nebraska.

Grants to USA Nonprofits Serving Underserved Populations to Address Gender-Based Violence

Deadline: 03/09/16
LOI Date: 02/16/16

Grants to USA and territories nonprofits serving the deaf, LGBT, religious minority, and culturally specific populations to address issues of gender-specific abuse. On February 2 and 4 optional pre-proposal conferences will be held. February 16 is t... GrantWatch ID#: 168060

Grants to USA Human Services Nonprofits to Deliver Innovative Care or Develop New Models

Deadline: 02/12/16

Grants ranging from $2,500 to $5,000 to USA nonprofit organizations that are change agents within the field of human services. Funding is awarded to organizations that are either delivering innovative care or developing new ideas and models for doin... GrantWatch ID#: 166102

Grants to Nebraska Nonprofits, Schools and Municipalities for Children, Education and Health

Deadline: 02/15/16

Grants to Nebraska nonprofits, schools and municipalities for programs in the areas of children, the underprivileged, education, community safety, the disabled, medical support, and community service organizations. Previous grants have funded the zo... GrantWatch ID#: 162793

Grants to Southwest Iowa and Eastern Nebraska Nonprofits for Education, Health and Economic Development

Deadline: 03/15/16
LOI Date: 02/15/16

Grants to Southwest Iowa and Eastern Nebraska nonprofit organizations, schools, school districts and government agencies for programs in the areas of community development, education, economic development and healthy families. February 15 is the man... GrantWatch ID#: 163491


Grants to USA Organizations to Protect the Environment and Help People in Need

Deadline: 02/15/16

Grants to USA organizations for activities that protect the environment and strengthen communities in small but meaningful ways. The Foundation seeks to improve the lives of a diverse range of people in need though projects that enrich groups and or... GrantWatch ID#: 166044

Grants to Wyoming Agencies, Nonprofits, IHEs and Neighboring States Organizations for Arts Education

Deadline: 03/01/16
LOI Date: 02/15/16

Grants of up to $7,000 to Wyoming local, State, tribal, and eligible federal agencies, school districts, IHEs, and nonprofits also in the bordering areas of Colorado, South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana, Idaho, and Utah for arts education programs prima... GrantWatch ID#: 167084

Grants to USA Nonprofits for Equipment, Healthcare and Services to Disabled People

Deadline: 02/15/16

Grants of up to $25,000 to USA nonprofits, municipalities, school districts, tribal entities, hospitals and institutions for assistance to individuals living with paralysis and mobility impairments, and their families. Funding is intended for the ar... GrantWatch ID#: 167336

Award to a USA, Canada or International Team or Individual for Innovative Solutions to Critical Global Problems

Deadline: 03/01/16
LOI Date: 02/17/16

Award to a USA, Canada or International individual or team for the development and implementation of an innovative solution to a critical problem in the world. Apply by February 17 for a discounted application fee. Proposals are accepted from scient... GrantWatch ID#: 152727

Grants to USA and Puerto Rico Nonprofits for the Housing Needs of Veterans and their Families

Deadline: 02/24/16

Grants to USA and Puerto Rico nonprofit organizations for the development and repair of veterans' housing. Funding is intended for projects that serve the housing needs of women veterans with children, post-9/11 wounded warriors, veterans with careg... GrantWatch ID#: 164391

Grants to USA Nonprofits, Schools, and Municipalities to Improve Cardiovascular Health

Deadline: 02/25/16

Grants to USA and Territories nonprofit organizations, government agencies, public schools, and municipal institutions for programs providing innovative, community-based approaches to improving cardiovascular health in their communities. Funded pro... GrantWatch ID#: 165178

Grants to USA Researchers for Data Analysis Projects to Improve the Lives of the Elderly

Deadline: 04/25/16
LOI Date: 02/29/16

Grants to USA PhD, or equivalent, investigators at tax-exempt research institutions for health-related research projects that can improve the quality of care and quality of life for the elderly population in nursing homes or other care facilities. L... GrantWatch ID#: 167815

Grants to Omaha, Nebraska Nonprofits for Programs to Benefit Latino Communities and Families

Deadline: 03/01/16

Grants of up to $25,000 to Omaha, Nebraska nonprofit organizations that are working to improve the quality of life of Latino families and communities in the local area. Requests may address cultural enrichment, socio-economic wellbeing, civic partic... GrantWatch ID#: 161776

Grants to USA, Canada and International Nonprofits for Education, Social Service, Healthcare and Environment

Deadline: 03/01/16

Grants typically ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 to USA, Canada and International nonprofit organizations for programs in the areas of education, social service, healthcare, civic and cultural, and the environment. Funding is intended to provide solu... GrantWatch ID#: 162788


Grants to USA Nonprofits to Support Disadvantaged Children, Women and Families

Deadline: 03/07/16

Grants to USA nonprofits to provide basic needs and improve the quality of life for children, women and families in need. Funding is intended for programs that promote strong families, provide emergency shelter, enhance education and job readiness a... GrantWatch ID#: 166922


Grants to Nebraska Nonprofits for Arts and Education in Lancaster County

Deadline: 04/01/16
LOI Date: 03/15/16

Grants to Nebraska nonprofit organizations in Lancaster County for programs in the areas of arts, education, the environment, human services and the humanities. A Letter of Inquiry is due on March 15. Requests from outside this geographic area must ... GrantWatch ID#: 167785


Grants to USA, Canada and United Kingdom Nonprofits in Multiple States to Strengthen Communities

Deadline: 03/31/16

Grants to Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Ne... GrantWatch ID#: 166631

Opportunity for USA Agencies and Nonprofits to Acquire Excess Federal Goods

Deadline: Ongoing

Opportunity for USA and territories State and local government agencies, and nonprofits such as those involved in health care, education, eldercare, homeless, youth, airports, museums, and libraries are able to acquire extra property no longer nee... GrantWatch ID#: 143078

Grants to USA Youth to Support Volunteer Service Projects & Events

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $500 to USA youth (up to age 19) for youth-initiated and youth-led activities addressing issues in the areas of environment, democracy and equality, health, and community. Funds will support ongoing volunteer programs and events with... GrantWatch ID#: 154295

Grants to USA Grassroots Organizations for Social, Economic and Environmental Justice Campaigns

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $5,000 to USA grassroots organizations to build collaborative social change campaigns with other like-minded organizations, and to benefit from organizing training and technical assistance opportunities. The Fund typically makes gran... GrantWatch ID#: 156908

Grants to USA Nonprofits in Multiple States for Health, Youth, Women, Education & Hunger Relief

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylva... GrantWatch ID#: 160087

Grants to Montana, South Dakota & Nebraska Nonprofits for Health, Education, Arts & Environment

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska nonprofit organizations to support a wide range of community projects in the areas of education, health and human services, civic and community, arts and culture, and natural resource conservation. Reques... GrantWatch ID#: 160120

Grants to USA Nonprofits for Health, Social Services, Arts, Culture & Diversity

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to USA nonprofit organizations to give back to the funding source‚Äôs communities in the areas of health, social services, arts and education, and diversity. Awards are made as both cash and in-kind (gift certificates for the funding source‚Ä... GrantWatch ID#: 161349

Grants to Lexington, Nebraska Nonprofits for Education, Health, Arts, Human Services and Recreation

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to Lexington, Nebraska nonprofit organizations for programs and projects that will enhance the quality of life for local residents. Fields of interest include education, health, arts and culture, recreation, human services, religion (for non-... GrantWatch ID#: 162304

Grants to USA Nonprofits in Multiple States for Children, Education, Health and Human Services

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada... GrantWatch ID#: 166313

Grants to Bennington, Nebraska Nonprofits, Public Agencies and Churches to Benefit Local Residents

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to Bennington, Nebraska nonprofits, faith-based organizations and government agencies for community-based projects that enhance the quality of life for area families. Applications are accepted year round and are considered monthly. GrantWatch ID#: 167504

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